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The HALES Directory--1970 Final Edition


The Hales Newsletter contains current events, historical sketches and genealogical information pertaining to the Hales family. It is published by Kenneth Glyn Hales, secretary of The Hales Genealogical Society from 1970 through 1981 and The Hales Family History Society since 1995.

The Hales Family History Society

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5990 North Calle Kino

Tucson, Arizona 85704-1704

This is the on-line version. The original was scanned and the text corrected for spellings, something that was very difficult in the original mimeograph process. There is also some minor editing. The Hales Manuscript pages being developed during the publication of the Old Series of The Hales Newsletter have been deleted because the content is now found in The Hales Chronicles, now in its second edition with the third edition planned for 2005.

The Hales Chronicles can be found on the Hales web-page at and at The Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at Salt Lake City, Utah; The Library of Congress at Washington, D.C.; The Library of The Society of Genealogists at London, England; and the Centre for Kentish Studies at Maidstone, Kent, England.

The Hales Newsletter is provided to the above cited repositories and the Allen County Public Library at Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Allen County Public Library indexes our publication and provides articles through their Periodical Source Index (PERSI).

If you would like a printed copy, reprints of the Old Series of The Hales Newsletters are available at a cost of $3.00 each.


With this issue of the HALES Newsletter goes my wishes of a Happy Holiday Season to all members of the HALES Family. May the echos of good will to all men and the spirit of brotherhood be with you and yours throughout the coming year.

Please note the change of address on the cover of this Newsletter. Due to a change of assignments I have relocated to the city of Bakersfield, California. We are now living in temporary facilities until our new home is completed at 4113 La Mirada Drive – this should be done within the next 60 days and then things will be back to normal.

As a matter of interest, there are now 59 Sustaining members, 20 Contributing

members, and 50 Active members for a total of 129 members of our society. We are now to the point where we are beginning to live up to the Hales motto, "United Force is Stronger." Our book is progressing nicely and I am being overwhelmed with information. At my expense I have employed a typist to assist me in assembling all the information I have into our manuscript. Please keep it coming – I appreciate

all the family information you are sending me.

In our last Newsletter I proposed 5 family reunions to be held during the summer of next year. Two of these area reunions would be held on the west coast in July of 1971, one in the north and one in the south. The other 3 would be on weekends in August 1971, giving me time to travel during the week. I would like some of you members to get together in your local areas and plan such a reunion. Please don't wait for someone else to do it, we need people of our organization to identify themselves as a planner. Generally speaking if you wait for someone else to do it, it doesn't get done. Some ideas for a reunion would be an overnight camp-out at some

national park over a weekend, a picnic at a recreational area, etc. These kinds of

functions require reservations that should be placed in the near future. The

Reunions will be held where I get some organizational help. Please make some plans and submit them to me so we can work together to finalize them. Lets get together and "make it happen."


This section of our Newsletter contains the "happenings" that I am made aware of between issues. Send me your announcements of area reunions, marriages, births, deaths, interest articles, etcetera, and they will be included in the Newsletter to all of the Hales Family. Contributions of articles for the Newsletter are requested.

From Alfred D. Hales, M.P. of Ottawa, Canada, came many interesting articles, Parish Register extracts, etc. The extracts will be published later along with the many I already have beginning in the next issue of our Newsletter. I was interested in a clipping he sent dated Jan. l5th:

PRIME MINISTER DATES JENNIFER AGAIN. (London (CP) – Prime Minister Trudeau Tuesday night took actress Jennifer Hales to see the play Hadrian VII, starring Canadian actor Douglas Rain.

There were about eight in the prime minister 's party at the Mermaid Theatre. On his way to the Thames-side theatre, Trudeau stopped off at one of his old schools, The London School of Economics, to have sandwiches and coffee with some of the faculty and students.

It was the Prime Minister's second London date with the dark-haired Miss Hales. He took her dining and dancing at Annabel 's night club Jan. 6th.

Trudeau had a glass of champagne with theatre owner Bernard Miles and Miss Hales at the interval, and after the play, went to Rain's dressing room to chat with the actor.

Trudeau entered the theatre five minutes before curtain time to some cries of "Trendy, Trendy," the chief British adjective applied to the prime minister during his stay here.

Miss Hales was already in the foyer. Trudeau put his arm around her in greeting and led her to their sixth-row centre seats.

I have received several requests to have the Hales Coat of Arms and Crest colored and enlarged suitable for framing. This will be done in the near future, printed, and made available thru this society. The details and cost of this reproduction will be included in the March Newsletter.

I have received the photocopies from the British Museum and they contain many pedigree charts. As soon as I can get them in some kind of organization and permission from the Museum I will include them in a future issue .

I have also received the following publications from the sources noted. These publications are the property of the Hales Genealogical Society and may be borrowed by any of its members for a maximum two week period. In order to borrow any of these items the member need only pay postage both ways plus a penalty if any damages occur.


J. W. Hales, M.A., Longer English Poems. Donated by Elva Hales Norman.

Eileen A. Gooder, Latin for Local History, an Introduction, Purchase.

The Society of Genealogists, National Index of Parish Registers, Vol. 1. Purchase.

Kent, A Guide to the County and an Industrial Review. Sent by Raymond Stokes, our English Genealogist.

G. D. .Squibb, Visitation Pedigrees and the Genealogist. Purchase.

Harleian Manuscripts from the British Museum. (Indexed in our first Newsletter) 47 10" X 12" photocopies, Purchase.

HALES in Maryland

The following letter was received from Samuel Dale Hales, our UPI correspondent, and is reproduced in its entirety.

Upon my pursuing my fruitless search in London for lists of passengers on ships to Maryland in the first years of that proprietary colony, I wrote to the Maryland Historical Society asking where and how and for how much I could get copies of such lists if these did indeed exist.

There came back in my pre-stamped reply envelope a folder complete with Order Form, describing in detail a book The Early Settlers of Maryland, pub1ished in 1968, and priced at $15. For further detail on the book, see heading paragraph on the attached. I shall verifax the folder and send copy along.

I have not bought the book, because inquiry disclosed that Missouri Valley Room (genealogical, historical) of the Kansas City Public Library has a copy. I went over Saturday afternoon and went through the book and its lists, which contains nearly 25,000 names.

The genesis of the present book goes back more than a hundred years, to various earlier efforts by earlier persons to compile lists of the Original Land Record books opened in 1633-1634 and most of which are in fact still extant.

"Transported," as used in the lists, is a word to describe a person’s having had his ships passage paid for him, usually on condition of his or her working for the passage-payer for a certain period of time in repayment. "Service is used to describe a transported persons having given land, as was his or her right to have, upon completion of the period of indenture or "bounden" term. "Immigrated" as used means a person paid his own passage from the United Kingdom to Maryland.

There is a thing to think about, in regards to HALES, THOMAS, on the list. Could he have been one of those settlers in Maryland who had already come over from the Virginia Colony, before King Charles granted Maryland to Lord Baltimore, and settled on land so granted to Lord Baltimore?

The "Remarks" column shows for HALES, THOMAS (two entries):

"Immigrated 1631-36, with wife."

(The years 1631-1632 and 1633, and 1634 into March, were all BEFORE the arrival of any of Lord Baltimore’s colonists or representatives).

"Petition to Confirm Title of Land Granted 1640 by Captain William Clayborne (or Caliborne)."

(Captain Claiborne was the chief man of the Virginians who had "squatted" so to speak, on land granted November 1633 by the king to Lord Baltimore for Maryland Colony. Very soon after the Baltimore immigrants governor and etcetera arrived, friction developed between them and Claiborne and adherents ousted Laurence Calvert, Lord Baltimore’s brother and governor of the Maryland Colony, and fighting developed The Calvert regime was ousted at least temporarily).

I intend to try to do a little more looking into these angles or possibilities. In the meantime, attached is a separate sheet listing the HAILES and HALES names shown in the admittedly definitive Maryland early settler lists.

Has anybody come up with any "tree" going back to these?

THE EARLY SETTLERS OF MARYLAND 1633-1680. "An Index to Names of Immigrants Compiled from Records of Land Patents in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland," a book edited by Gust Skordas, Assistant Archivist, State of Maryland, published 1968 by Genealogical Publishing Company, 521-23 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.

There appears on page 201:

HAILES, John, Transported to Md 1660; filed for land 1670 upon completing bounden servant term.

HAILES, Mary, Transported to Md 1671; land on "service" 1677.

HALES, Samuel, Transported 1658.

HALES, Elizabeth, Transported 1658, Service 1663.

HALES, Joyce, Transported l670.

HALES, Robert, Transported 1659.

HALES, Spencer, Service 1873, of Calvert County.

HALES, Thomas, Immigrated 1631-36, with Wife; 1640, Petition to Confirm Title of Land Granted by Capt. Wm. Clayborne.

There are no listings for HAILS, HAYLS or HAYLES.

In a foreword to the book, which consists of an Introduction by Editor Skordas and about 520 pages of alphabetical listings, Dr. Morris L. Radoff, Archivist and Records Administrator, State of Maryland, wrote:

". . . an accurate alphabetical index listing of all the families of those who came and demanded land under the conditions of plantation. This is a remarkably complete work, especially for Maryland, because no list of passengers or ships has survived. Since the land was given free on demand, we can assume that most, if not all, of the immigrants to Maryland for the first fifty years are listed. There is much supplementary information because every man who claimed land claimed it not only for himself but for those he transported with him, wives, children, other relatives, maids and men servants."

That completes the letter from Sam D. Hales. It is a very good example of source material available in most large cities libraries. If anyone else is searching for this type of material please forward a copy of your findings to me and it will get distributed through our Newsletter. Thank you for your contribution Sam.


In the Name of God Amen. I John Hales of the City of Rochester in the County of Kent, gentleman, being in health of body and of sound and disposing mind and memory (praised be God for the same), but considering the uncertainty of this transitory life do form, avoiding controversies after my decease, make publish and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner following (that is to say). First and principally I recommend my soul to the mercies of Almighty God, its Eternal maker and redeemer, my Body I commit to the Earth to be decently buryed at the discretion of my Exocutrix's and Executor herein after named. And as to my worldly Estate I give and dispose hereof as follows (that is to say). Item: I give and bequeath unto my loving wife Jane all that my Mansion house situate in Rochester aforesaid wherein I dwell for and during the term of her natural life, and after her decease then I give the said Mansion House with its appurtenances to my son John and to his male heirs, and for want of such then I give and devise the same to my Son Parker and to his male heirs, and for want of such then I give the same to my three daughters Elizabeth, Anne and Sarah and to their heirs to be equally divided amoungst them share and share alike. Item I give to my son James a Bond of fifty pounds and all interest due thereon (being the same Bond he gave to me as a security for the payment of the said sum of fifty pounds which I lent him) and as to the Rest and Residue of my Estate both real and personal and which is not herein before by me disposed of, I give the same unto my said wife Jane during her natural life and after her decease then to be equally divided between my son John, Parker, and daughters Elizabeth Mary, Ann and Sarah share and share alike, and lastly I do appoint my said wife Jane and son John and Daughter Elizabeth Executor and Executrixes of this my last Will and Testament hereby Revoking former Wills by me heretofore made Ratifying and confirming those presents to stand and be as and for my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof to this my said will I have set my hand and seal this thirty first day of October in the third year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second over Great Britain. Anno Domini 1729 John Hales signed sealed published and declared by the Testator John Hales to be his last will and Testament in the presents of us who have subscribed our names as witnesses hereunto.

/s/ Anne Mathews, Elizabeth Pollend, John Pollend.



Hugh L. Hales. 3720 So. 4800 W., Salt Lake City UT 84120

Wilford L. Hales, 1340 So. 4th East, Salt Lake City UT 84115

Arthur D. Hales, 5303 Thorncliffe Dr., Calgary 47, Alberta, Canada

Ruby Lee Hales, 1642 Davis St., Chico CA 95926

Willis B. Hales, P0 Box 56, Redmond UT 84652

Leonard Leslie Hales, 689 Hazel St. PO Box 1434. Hope BC Canada

Karen Kay Hales Richardson, 826 Tulane Dr., Mountain View CA 94040

Charles Henry Hales, 882 Wood St., Ogden UT 84404

George Wallace Hales, 9031 Hanlon, Livonia MI 48150

Don Barnett Hales, 1075 East 6th South, Salt Lake City UT 84102

Ray A. Hales, 1306 North Jordan Ave., Provo UT 84601

Nat Edward Hales, Jr., 6368 El Paseo, San Jose CA 95150

Lockwood Jex Hales, 1966 Deermont, Glendale CA 91207

Melvin R. Hales, Box 161, Hurricane UT 84737


Alfred Dryden Hales, 12 Wolford Crescent, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Thomas M. Hales, Rt. #3 Box 5A1, Powder Springs GA 30073

Marjorie Hales Anderson, 1116 Cleveland Rd., Glendale CA 91202

Ronald William Hales, 11 Vista Rd., Ellensburg WA 98926

John P. Hales, 35 MacKay Place, Brooklyn NY 11209

Mrs. Charles R. Blackburn, 1941 Lariet Lane, Del City OK 73115


Dorothy Hales Pinkham, 1312 Danielson Rd., Santa Barbara CA 93103

Ittle Lewis Hales, 803 Tyler Ave. N., Corvallis OR 97330

Keith I. 994 So. 725 East, Sandy UT 84070

Rev. Thomas William Hales, 285 Shuter St., Apt. 807, Toronto 227 Ontario, Canada

Glen J. Hales, 3708-A Winthrop, Ft. Worth TX 76116

Ludlow Paul Hales, 2311 W. Northern Ave., Phoenix AZ 85021

Douglas John Hales, 780 Eastvale Dr., Ottawa 9, Ontario, Canada

D. B. Mellor. 1164 3rd Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84103

Ralph 0. Bradley, 1225 2nd Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84103

Betsy B. Sorbonne, 2466 Michigan, Salt Lake City UT 84108

Melvin Hales, 690 E. 2nd No., Spanish Fork UT 84660

Alfred L. Hales, 891 Cooper Rd., Richmond BC Canada

Max Price Hales, 365 Holbrook Dr., Idaho Falls ID 83401

Alysone Hales deLaveaga, 12 Bien Venida, Orinda CA 94563

Phyl Anderson, New Glarus WI 53574

Jessman A. Hales, 6067 B. Maple St., Fairchild AFB WA 99011


At the close of this year our balance sheet is as follows. The totals shown are for the entire year and include statements previously shown.


Balance at beginning of year. $ 0.00


Received in the mail. $646.21

My Contributions. 223.01


Bulk Mailing Permit/Yearly fees. 45.00

Paper and Newsletter supplies. 191.28

Stamps and mailing charges. 181.09

Genealogy Research fees. 200.00

Acquisitions. (Photocopies from 96.53

British Museum, 450 Family sheets

from Salt Lake City Genealogical

Society, Books).

Checking account charges 3.00

Total Receipts $869.22

Total Expenses $716.90

Balance $152.32

The 1970 HALES Directory

This is the final edition of the 1970 Hales Directory. Note that this directory is incomplete – having been developed from telephone books and replies to the Newsletter requests. There have been many changes since the initial attempt to develop a Hales Directory in May.

Please look over this list and advise me of any errors, missing people named HALES that you know, etcetera. Make sure all of your immediate relatives are included. It has proven to be quite a challenge to work up this list and I am interested in keeping it as accurate as possible.

A. Hales, 932 Dixon, Richmond BC Canada

A. Hales, 891 Cooper, Vancouver BC Canada

A. B. Hales, Jr., 1226 Myrtle Ave., Charlotte NC 28201

A. C. Hales, 2013 S. Jackson, Amarillo TX 79105

A. C. Hales, PO Box 173, Orangevale CA 95662

A. C. Hales, 12202 Tunstall, Garden Grove CA 92642

A. C. Hales, 225 S. 4th East, Salt Lake City UT 84110

A. G. Hales, 1226 Horseshoe Rd.,1 Durham NC 27702

A. J. Hales, 1913 Sandcreek W., Alameda CA 94501

A. Merrill Hales, 619 Hawthorne, El Cajon CA 92020

A. R. Hales, 4110 Shelbourne, Victoria BC Canada

A. R. Hales, 3123 35th Ave. SW Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ada Hales (Mrs.), 3627 Hazelhurst, Toledo OH 43601

Agnes Vilate Hales Higgins, 2266 Downington Ave. Salt Lake City UT 84108

Alan Hales, 17001/2 Del Valle, Glendale CA 91209

Albert Hales, 697 Eastland, Akron OH 44309

Albert Hales, 1293 Redondo, Los Angeles CA 90052

Albert Hales, Jr., 1109 W. State Ave., Phoenix AZ 85021

Albert A. Hales, 6237 Virginia Way, Paradise CA 95969

Albert M. Hales, 15653 Pearl Rd., Cleveland OH 44136

Alcee Hales,1315 W. Capitol Dr., Milwaukee WI 53201

Alden A. Hales, 6 Mountain Ave., Maplewood NJ 07040

Alden P. Hales, 4918 Poplar Murray UT 84107

Aldyth Ann Hales Stalder, 167 Easy St., Pocatello ID 83201

Alfred Hales, 7738 Bakman, Sun Valley CA 91352

Alfred C. Hales, W. 1624 Clarke, Spokane WA 99210

Alfred Dryden Hales, 12-Wolford Crescent Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Alfred L. Hales, E. 1204 Joseph, Spokane WA 99210

Alfred L. Hales, 891 Cooper Rd., Richmond BC Canada

Alfred W. Hales, 604 19th St. S., Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Alfred W. Hales, 3900 East Blaine St., Seattle WA 98102

Alice Hales Young, 4406 Maxson Rd., El Monte CA 91732

Alice Hales, 1207 Edgevale Rd., Durham NC 27702

Alice Hales (Mrs.), Rt. 3 Box 150, Livingston TX 77351

Allen Hales, 1383 Danfey Coquitlam BC Canada

Alma Hales, Helca SD 57446

Alysone Hales deLaveaga, 12 Bien Venida, Orinda CA 94563

Angus Sylvester Hales, 245 E. 400 So., Springville UT 84663

Ann G. Hales (Mrs.), 20025 1st St. W., Sonoma CA 95476

Anna B. Hales (Mrs.), 4 Jamaica Ave., Holtsville NY 11742

Anthony G. Hales, 6 Burns Forrest Hills NY 11375

Arthur Hales, 1202 Riverside Ave., Elizabeth City NC 27909

Arthur Hales, 333 4th Ave., Pelham NY 10803

Arthur Hales, 3332 Broadway, Huntington Park CA 90255

Arthur Hales, RR #1 Todd Lane, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Arthur B. Hales, 2957 S. 9100 W., Magna UT 84044

Arthur D. Hales, 5303 Thorncliffe Dr., Calgary 47, Alberta, Canada

Arthur L. Hales, 252 C1ubview Dr., Jackson MS 39205

Arthur William Hales, 231 East Creek Dr., Menlo Park CA 94025

Arthur W. Hales, 1224 W. 36th St., North Little Rock AK 72118

Augusta E. Hales, 960 N. Chester, Pasadena CA 91104

B. Hales (Mrs.), 1490 Eglinton, West Toronto, Ontario, Canada

B. C. Hales, 7149 Anderson, Philadelphia PA 19101

B. E Hales, 327 Reynolds, Jackson MS 39205

B. E. Hales, 62 Richardson Toronto, Ontario, Canada

B. W. Hales, Jr., 415 Essex, Kenilworth IL 60043

Barbara Hales Blim, 5631 El Parque St.. Long Beach CA 90801

Barbara Hales Hatch, 5929 Harvey Way, Lakewood CA 90713

Barbara J. Hales, 433 N. 800 West, Provo UT 84601

Barbara Jean Hales, 405 S. 3rd, Montebello CA 90640

Barksdale Hales, III., 418 Spencer St., Glendale CA 91202

Basil Hales, 1661 Old Country Rd., Box 178, Riverhead, NY 11901

Benjamin John Hales, 3204 Brendenwood Rd., Rockford IL 61107

Benjamin Ling Hales, 1726 Rose Ave., Rockford IL 61102

Ben H. Hales, Jr., Clinton KY 42031

Bernell Woodruff Hales, 551 Panorama Dr., San Francisco CA 94131

Bernell W. Hales, Jr., 2154 Bryan Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84108

Bessie V. Hales, 127 Baker, Savannah GA 31402

Beth M. Hales, 827 Ouray Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84116

Betty Hales (Mrs.), 7515 S. 66 Marks Village, Birmingham AL 25202

Bill Hales, 3829 Division, Los Angeles CA 90065

Bill G. Hales, 4565 W. 5295 South, Kearns UT 84118

Billy G. Hales, 3048 Oak Forest Dr., Jackson MS 39205

Billy R. Hales, 705 Muldoon Rd. #165, Anchorage AK 99501

Blaine Davis Hales, RFD Box 284, Springville UT 84663

Blanch Hales Kellums, 3100 E. 45th, Minneapolis MN 55440

Bob Hales, Aurora UT 84620

Bobby Hales, 1319 N. Enos, Visalia CA 93277

Bobby Gray Hales, 620 Mineral Springs Rd., Durham NC 27702

Bobby Wayne Hales, Box 948, Cantonment FL 32533

Boyd Neal Hales, 116 W. 1950 South, Bountiful UT 84010

Brian Joseph Alfred Hales, 1005 Woodlawn Ave., Des Plaines IL 60016

Burt Hales, Deseret, Utah

Burt Hales, 140 E. 100 North, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Burton F. Hales, 1407 Brattleboro Circle, Sun City Center, FL 33570

Burton W. Hales, 1400 Tower, Winnetka IL 60093

C. J. Hales, 5512 E. 5th, Tulsa OK 74101

C. J. Hales, Jr., 3811 S. Mittman, San Antonio TX 78206

C. M. Hales, Hampshire Pike, Columbia TN 38401

C. N. Hales, 2175 Des Trinitaires, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

C. R. Hales, 4207 13th St., Tampa FL 33601

C. S. Hales, 2419 Adams, Des Moines IA 50310

C. T. Hales, 3621 Montgomery, Norfolk VA 23501

C. T. Hales, 2121 Ferris Ave., Tampa FL 33601

C. W. Hales, 2275 Onandaga Dr., Columbus OH 43216

Rev. C. DeLon Hales, 2421 Johnston Dr., Lajunta CO 81050

Calla Hales (Mrs.), 9058 Laurel Ave. Whittier CA 90605

Calvin Hales, 522 Witsell Rd., Jackson MS 39205

Calvin L. Hales, 523 E. 6th, Reno NV 89504

Carl Hales, 3960 Locust Ridge Dr., Jackson MS 39205

Carl Hales (Mrs.), 624 Pine, Redlands CA 92373

Carl A. Hales, Canyon Road, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Carl P. Hales, 525 N. 9th East, American Fork UT 84003

Carlos P. Hales, RFD #1 Box 95, American Fork UT 84003

Carol Hales Allen, 2524 7th Ave., Yuma AZ 85364

Carolyn Hales McNaughton, 973 Kraft Rd., Ft. Erie, Ontario, Canada

Catherine Hales, PO Box 593, Klamath Falls OR 97601

Ceaphus Hales, 842 E. 18th, Laurel MS 39440

Cecil S. Hales, 155 9th Ave. NE, St. Petersburg FL 33701

Charlene Hales, 719 W. Center St., Provo UT 84601

Charlene V. Hales, 310 N. l060 West, Provo UT 84601

Charles Hales, Idlewild Rd., Rossville GA 30741

Charles A. Hales, 15 Collstn Rd., Boston MA 02101

Charles A. Hales, 15 Ardmore, Braintree MA 02184

Charles A. Hales (Mrs.), 2637 Inglesdell, Marietta GA 30060

Charles D. Hales, 2508 15th Ave. South, Minneapolis MN 55404

Charles E. Hales, 73 N. 1st West, Price UT 84501

Charles Henry Hales, 882 Wood St., Ogden UT 84404

Charles J. Hales, 7404 Marillac, St. Louis MO 63121

Charles M. Hales, 4837 Stafford, Durham NC 27702

Charles M. Hales, 9653 Archdale, Detroit MI 48226

Charles N. Hales, 57 W. 400 North, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Charles 0. Hales, 5085 Cass-Elizabeth Road, Pontiac MI 48054

Charles P. Hales, 821 68th Ave. NE, Minneapolis MN 55440

Charles R. Hales (Mrs.), 2920 McNairy Lane, Nashville TN 37202

Charles W. Hales, 19204 Mayfair Lane, Cleveland OH 44101

Charles W. Hales, 8612 Twin Lakes Blvd., Tampa FL 33601

Charles W. Hales, 14459 Emerald Rd., Victorville CA 92392

Charley Hales, 2140 Barbell, Ft. Worth TX 76111

Charlie Hales, 118 Bowling, Hattiesburg MS 39401

Chester L. Hales, 1005 SW 53rd, Oklahoma City OK 73109

Chrissie J. Hales, 16115 Sandhill Rd., Orem UT 84057

Clair W. Hales, 504 Marva Ave., Layton UT 84041

Claire Hales, 1021 Grand Ave., Long Beach CA 90801

Clara H. Hales, 1340 Junipero, Long Beach CA 90801

Clara L. Hales, 422 W. 62nd, Chicago IL 60680

Clara Maud Hales, 1210 Hardesty, Kansas City MO 64127

Clarence Hales, 10619 Elgin, Cleveland OH 44101

Clarence E. Hales, 58 Amorodar, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Clarence LeRoy Hales, 463 Beresford Ave., Redwood City CA 94064

Clay Hales, 526 S. 1 Ave. E., Malta MT 59538

Clemont Hales, 664 8th St., Ogden UT 84404

Cleve A. Hales, 258 Rosewood Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84110

Clifford Hales, 7443 McKinley, San Bernardino CA 92402

Clifford Hales, 1751 N. Alexandria Ave., Los Angeles CA 90052

Clifford C. Hales, 705 E. 2nd So., Pleasant Grove UT 84062

Clifford Charles Hales, 1290 Talbot Road, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Clifford Hubert Hales, 2905 Englewood Terrace, Independence MO 64052

Clifford J. Hales, 13156 S. 1000 East Draper UT 84020

D. A. Hales, 6343 Chatham, West Vancouver BC Canada

D. B. Hales, 6210 Carew, Houston TX 77001

D. Brent Hales, 230 W. Lomond View Dr., Ogden UT 84402

D. E. Hales, 3500 W. Manchester, Inglewood CA 90306

D. E. Hales (Mrs.), 454 So. 9th East, Salt Lake City UT 84102

D. M. Hales, 4758 E. Georgia, Burnaby BC Canada

D. M. Hales, 17012 Glendale, Cleveland OH 44101

D. V. Hales (Mrs.), 8020 Warren Ave., Milwaukee WI 53213

D. Wilson Hales, 1460 36th, Ogden UT 84402

Daisy Leoane Hales Kudlacek, Box 32, Sutton AK 99674

Dale Hales, 5440 Hill Road Cir., Nashville TN 37202

Dallas Raymond Hales, 1020 Alameda, Idaho Falls ID 83401

Dalton Eugene Hales, P.O. Box 852, Hawthorne CA 90250

Daniel Hales, 1256 Carlsbad, Placentia CA 92670

Daniel B. Hales, 1724 Maple, Northbrook IL 60062

Darrel S. Hales, 645 E. 2nd North, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Darrell Hales, 405 S. 3rd, Montebello CA 90640

Darrell Lamar Hales, 4522 Cypress, El Monte CA 91731

David Hales, RR #3, Chatham, Ontario, Canada

David Hales, PO Box 25, Western Springs IL 60558

David Hales, 88 Oakland Terrace, Hartford CT 06101

David A. Hales, 367 N. 400 East, Orem UT 84057

David A. Hales, 823 S. 800 East, Orem UT 34057

David Dewayne Hales, 2108 Connie Dr., Del City OK 73115

David E. Hales, 814 John, Waukesha WI 53186

David E. Hales, 825 Emerson NW, Washington DC 20013

David Eugene Hales, 4112 W. 4455 South, Granger UT 84119

David G. Hales, 5426 S. University, Chicago IL 60680

David G. Hales, 1418 24th Ave. E., Seattle WA 98102

David K. Hales, 5013 Woodland. Western Springs IL 60558

David L. Hales, 9125 W. Lawn Ave., St. Louis MO 63144

David T. Hales, 247 Buck Rim Rd., Locust Valley NY 11560

Dawn A. Hales, 1266 Bender, Cleveland OH 44101

Dean Hales, Redmond UT 84652

Dean Hales, 5908 Gleneagles Lane, Las Vegas NV 89114

Dean L. Hales, 328 N. Central, St. Louis MO 63105

Dean Wilson Hales, 1460 36th St., Ogden UT 84403

Deanna Hales (Mrs.), 1220 W. 443 North, Provo UT 84601

Delbert Hales, 417 So. State, Orem UT 84057

Delbert R. Hales, 161 N. Center, American Fork UT 84003

Dell Reese Hales, 1532 River Terrace Dr., East Lansing MI 48823

Dennis Hales, 394 N. 300 West, American Fork UT 84003

Dennis J. Hales, 8102 Kenilworth, Cleveland OH 44101

Dent Hales, 9611 Sunland Place, Sunland CA 91040

DeWitt Clinton Hales, 19514 Mildred Ave., Torrance CA 90503

Diane Hales, 160 Passmore, Victoria BC Canada

Diane Hales Free, 1807 Fox St., Bossier City LA 71010

Don Hales, Box 1859, Lubbock TX 79408

Don Barnett Hales, 1075 E. 6th South, Salt Lake City UT 84110

Don C. Hales, 7100 Brent Lane, Salt Lake City UT 34117

Don G. Hales, 832 S. 800 East, Orem UT 84057

Don J. Hales, 1946 S. 760 West, Woods Cross UT 84057

Donald Hales, 538 Shoop, Dayton OH 45401

Donald Hales, 4768 Pilot House, West Vancouver BC Canada

Donald A. Hales, 659 W. Pleasant View Dr., Ogden UT 84402

Donald K. Hales, 545 So. Loader Ave., Pleasant Grove UT 34062

Donald Lloyd Hales, 40-662 East Oakland, Hemet CA 92343

Donna Hales Seese, 1774 Tonopah, West Covina CA 91790

Donna May Hales Barnatt, 210 Emerick Ave., Ft. Erie, Ontario, Canada

Doris Hales Grant, 222 3rd St. NE., Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Doris Ann Hales Rose, 8660 S. 1352 West, West Jordan UT 84084

Dorothy Hales (Mrs.), 10516 Annetta, South Gate CA 90280

Dorothy Hales Pinkham, 1312 Danielson Road, Santa Barbara CA 93103

Dorothy Ione Hales, PO Box 204, Carpinteria CA 93013

Dorothy Jane Hales Mayhew, 5434 Panilo Place, Honolulu HA 96821

Dorothy R. Hales (Mrs.), 5015 Seminole Rd. Lot 237, St. Petersburg FL 33708

Douglas Hales, 2912 Selma, Ft. Worth TX 76101

Douglas E. Hales, 1005 Woodlawn, Des Plaines IL 60016

Douglas J. Hales, 161 N. 77th St., Milwaukee WI 53213

Douglas John Hales, 780 Eastvale Dr., Ottawa 9, Ontario, Canada

Douglas S. Hales, 185 N. 100 West, Lehi UT 84043

Doyle Charles Hales, 471 S. 300 West, Tooele UT 84074

Duane Hales, 57 N. 600 East, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Dwaine W. Hales, 1241 W. 1050 North, Provo UT 84601

E. Hales, 3465 E. 47th, Vancouver BC Canada

E. Hales, 15 Jansusuie, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

E. C. Hales, 703 W. Gourley Pike Apt. 36, Bloomington IN 47401

E. D. Hales, 464 Lacrosse W., Virden, Manitoba, Canada

E. E. Hales, 1835 E. 61st, Long Beach CA 90801

E. J. Hales, 1900 Kirkwood, Durham NC 27702

E. L. C. Hales, 5902 NE 17th Rd., Ft. Lauderdale FL 33302

E. Leon Hales, 3960 Lares Way, Salt Lake City UT 84117

Earl Hales, 216 W. 4th South, Price UT 84501

Earlene Hales Powell, Carbon Motel, Price UT 84501

Earline Hales, 1741 N. Douglas Blvd., Oklahoma City OK 73161

Eddie Hales, 577 36th Ave.. Santa Cruz CA 95060

Edgar Hales, 53 Overton, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Edgar Norman Hales, Rt. 1, Box 203-B, Pea Ridge AR 72751

Edith Hales (Mrs.), 55 Ven, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Edith K. Hales (Mrs.), 601 E. Anapamu, Santa Barbara CA 93103

Edith May Hales Wrobel, 6263 Graham Road, Paradise CA 95969

Edward Hales, 153 Sycamore Dr., San Gabriel CA 91775

Edward Hales, 659 E. 100 North, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Edward Hales, 23 High, Rye NY 10580

Edward Hales, 9265 Canterberry, Arleta CA 91331

Edward J. Hales, 1025 Greenwood Dr., Bakersfield CA 93306

Edward M. Hales, 12517 Sunset Blvd. W., Los Angeles CA 90069

Edward P. Hales, 72 Kirk Lane, Troy MI 48084

Edward R. Hales, 2618 Calgoon, Alameda CA 94501

Edwin B. Hales, 611 Palo Alto Dr., Redlands CA 92373

Edwin E. Hales, 45 Easton, Buffalo NY 14215

Edwin R. Hales, PO Box 188, Redlands CA 92373

Elbert Stephen Hales, 76 N. 3rd East, American Fork UT 84003

Eldon E. Hales, 547 Fremont Rd., Ogden UT 84402

Eleanor Hales Collins, 701 Ridgewood E., Orlando FL 32803

Eli H. Hales, 746 N. Zunis, Tulsa OK 74101

Elizabeth M. Hales, 3623 S. NW, Washington DC 20013

Elizabeth M. Hales, 1457 24th Ave. E., Eugene OR 97401

Ellis E. Hales, 2117 Greenwood Ave., Richmond VA 23219

Ellsworth H. Hales, 737 S. 142 E. Ave., Tulsa OK 74101

Elva Hales Norman, 1279 E. 33rd South, Salt Lake City UT 84106

Emma Jean Hales, 146 So. 7th, Richmond CA 94804

Erma Hales, Redmond UT 84652

Ernest Hales, 265 Westchester Blvd., Kenmore Village NY 14217

Ernest M. Hales, 3253 N. Cherokee Lane, Provo UT 84601

Ernest S. Hales, 318 Trancois Court, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Erwin H. Hales, 2971 Palmetto, Columbus OH 43216

Essie B. Hales, 3411 Pleasure, New Orleans LA 70150

Ethel Hales, 380 E. 2nd North, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Ethel Hales (Mrs.), 1005 West Air, Elyria OH 44035

Ethel L. Hales, 912 E. Independence Blvd., Charlotte NC 28201

Ethel S. Hales, 2004 Perry NE, Washington DC 20013

Eugene Hales, 165 N. 4th East, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Eva S. Hales (Mrs.), 540 Sunningdale, Grosse Pointe Woods MI

Evelyn Hales, 2806 Gipson, Ft. Worth TX 76111

Evelyn Hales Martin, 9020 Old Mt. Vernon Rd., Alexandria VA 22309

Evelyn I. Hales, PO Box 161, Lithia Springs GA 30057

Ezekiel R. Hales, 16268 San Juan, Detroit MI 48221

F. Hales, 12840 107th St., Edmundton, Alberta, Canada

F. Hales, 337 E. 39th, Vancouver BC Canada

F. E. Hales, 4635 SE Ellis, Portland OR 97206

F. G. Hales, 135 Neptune Blvd., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

F. L. Hales, E. 2317 46th Ave., Spokane WA 99203

F. M. Hales, 1432 W. l0th, Vancouver BC Canada

Felix Stanton Hales, 3571 Lytle Rd., Shaker Heights OH 44122

Florence Hales Bacon, 1412 Brown St., Martinez CA 94553

Florence Hales Zywina, 4914 Chelsea Rd., Windsor 42, Ontario, Canada

Forrest John Hales, 1490 N. Ivy St., Coquille OR 97423

Frances Hales, 35 McKay Pl., Brooklyn NY 11202

Frances Hales (Mrs.), 528 Grant SE, Atlanta GA 30301

Frances Mae Hales Andersen, 6625 Northbrook Way, Fair Oaks CA 95628

Francis Herbert Hales, 216 N. Kellogg, Elsinore CA 92330

Frank J. Hales, 4101 Farquehar, Los Alamitos CA 90720

Fred Hales, 139 Dunn, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Fred B. Hales, 7717 Ellen Lane, Denver CO 80201

Fred C. Hales, 169 E. 100 South, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Fred W. Hales, 1734 Arbor Lane, Minnetonka MN 55343

Freeman Hales, 131 NW 104th St., Miami FL 33101

G. C. Hales, Highway 6, Dallas GA 30132

G. J. Hales, 11135 41 Ave., Edmundton, Alberta, Canada

G. J. Hales, 1680 Westminster, Coquitlam, Vancouver BC Canada

G. L. Hales, 6287 Buchanan, Burnaby, Vancouver BC Canada

G. L. Hales, 12 Bater, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

G. L. Hales, 1821 Linden Pl., Jackson MS 39205

G. Lynn Hales, 810 Arbor Rd., Menlo Park CA 94025

G. 0. Hales (Sgt.), 112 Hollywood Blvd., Biloxi MS 39533

Garth S. Hales, 9909 Saigon, El Paso TX 79951

Garvene L. Hales (Mrs.), 501 NW 38th, Oklahoma City OK 73124

Gary Hales, 1900 N. 6490 West Rt. 2. Ogden UT 34404

Garry Hales, 6448 W. 1950 North, Ogden UT 84404

Garry Hales, 1322 Kings Way, Vancouver BC Canada

George Hales, 360 Somerset, San Francisco CA 94101

George Hales, 12412 83d St,. Seattle WA 98111

George Hales, 44545 Dunn Road, Willis MI 48191

George A. Hales, % Hales Bldg., 107 N. Robinson, Oklahoma City OK

George Clinton Hales, 361 W. California, Glendale CA 91203

George E. Hales, 2335 E. 100th St., Chicago IL 60617

George F. Hales, 115 Country Club Dr., Ogden UT 84402

George Jefferson Hales, 21121 Aberdeen, Rocky River OH 44116

George L. Hales, Pocahontas, MS 39072

George L. Hales, 3038 N. 300 East, N. Ogden UT 84404

George P. Hales, 2312 Prospect, Hermosa Beach CA 90254

George R. Hales, 1062 Grand Ave., San Diego CA 92109

George Ray Hales, 110 W. 100 South, Springville UT 84663

George S. Hales, 1647 Center Hill Dr. SW, Roanoke VA 24015

George T. Hales, 4516 Windmill Pl. NW, Washington DC 20013

George W. Hales (Dr.), 9031 Hanlon, Livonia MI 48150

Georgia Hales Goodson, 365 Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem NC 27104

Georgina Hales, 3326 Lincoln Ave., Ogden UT 84402

Gerald Hales, 5657 De Longpre, Los Angeles CA 90052

Gerald R. Hales, 39 Beacon Hill Rd., Port Washington NY 11050

Gertrude Hales, 2305 Goldenspur Ln., San Pedro CA 90731

Gertrude "Gerre" Hales Shuttleworth (Mrs.), 2809 W. Thirteen Mile Rd, Royal Oak,

MI 48073

Milford Percy Hales, 1550 Oak Ridge, Dickensen TX 77534

Glade C. Hales, 5228 Del Monte Ave., Las Vegas NV 89114

Glen Herbert Hales, 3505 Marlborough Ave., Las Vegas NV 89110

Glen Jarman Hales, 3708 A Winthrop, Ft. Worth TX 76116

Glenn Hales, 724 Kate, Ft. Worth TX 76101

Glenn Hales, Rt. 1 Box 155A, Madison MS 39110

Glenn P. Hales, 261 E. 5150 South, Ogden UT 84402

Gloria J. Hales, 3171 54th, San Diego CA 92112

Gordon H. Hales, 418 Quincy Ave., Quincy MA 02169

Grace Hales, 3531 Laguna, Oakland CA 94604

Grace Hales (Mrs.), 905 Harris, Independence MO 64054

Graham Hales (Rev.), 105 N. 24th Ave., Hattiesburg MS 39401

Grant H. Hales, 265 S. 200 East, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Gustina Hales Muncy, General Delivery, Castle Gate UT

Gwendolyn Hales, 20 Arcadie, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

H. B. Hales, 2810 S. Parker, Amarillo TX 79105

H. Brown Hales (Mrs.), 444 So. 200 West, Provo UT 84601

H. C. Hales, 922 E. Lincoln, Mt. Vernon IN 47620

H. F. Hales, Millwee Hollow Rd., Rossville GA 30741

H. F. Hales (Mrs.), 3419 S. 3450 West, Salt Lake City UT 84119

H. G. Hales, 803 Hill Road, Belmont CA 94002

H. H. Hales, 7215 Arburtus Place, W. Vancouver BC Canada

H. L. Dick Hales, 1807 Shamrock Way, Bakersfield CA 93302

H. R., Hales, 5 Oakburn, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

H. R. Hales, W.103 Hawthorne Rd., Spokane WA 99218

H. S. Hales, Smyrna GA 30080

H. V. Hales, 519 King, Philadelphia PA 19101

Hal James Hales, 542 S. Snelling #106, St. Paul MN 55116

Hardin Hales, 1021 Allens Lane, Evansville IN 47706

Harley R. Hales, Ashley UT

Harold C. Hales, 1714 Cedar, Santa Monica CA 90406

Harold Eugene Hales, 77 Winding Way, Napa CA 94558

Harold J. Hales, 2001 Marlowe, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Harold R. Hales, 3694 Snow Apple Rd. SW, Austell GA 30001

Harriett V. Hales, 5617 LaSalle Ave., Oakland CA 94604

Harry Hales, 208 N. 6th East, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Harry E. Hales, 1500 N. Kings Highway, Cherry Hill NJ 08034

Harry F. Hales, 4217 DuPont Dr., Chattanooga TN 30741

Harry S. Hales, 1017 Allens Lane, Evansville IN 47706

Harry S. Hales, Stanton and Christina Rds,.Christiana DE 19702

Harvey James Hales, 3800 S. 39th St., Lincoln NE 68506

Harvey Lester Hales, Jr., 3903 Oakland Blvd. NW, Roanoke VA 24012

Hazel Hales Campbell, 1303 S. Delaware Place, Tulsa OK 74104

Heber Lee Hales, Jr., 123 E. 2nd North, Logan UT 84321

Helen Hales Christenson, 2521 Evening Star Dr., Salt Lake City UT 84117

Helen C. Hales Owen, 876 Patterson, Ogden UT 84404

Helen Eve Hales Hawkins, 136 N. 100 East, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Henry Hales, 51 Selbert Ave., Bloornfield CT 06002

Henry A. Hales, 1135 Atlantic, Idaho Falls ID 83401

Henry A. Hales, 3633 Brook, Lafayette CA 94549

Henry Leonard Hales, Rt. 31 R.D. 1, Clay NY 13041

Homer Hales, 2332 W. Ridge, Gary IN 46401

Howard J. Hales, 1104 E. Park Lane, Santa Ana CA 92701

Howard R. Hales, 1763 Page, Cleveland OH 44101

Hugh L. Hales, 5217 DeLange, Houston TX 77001

Hugh L. Hales, 3720 S. 4300 West, Salt Lake City UT 04120

Iman Hales, 1436 Michigan Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84108

Inez Hales Carter, 1936 South 19th East, Salt Lake City UT 04108

Iona Hales Jarman, 895 W. 1200 North, Orem UT 84057

Irene H. Hales, 10319 E. Aldrich, Whittier CA 90607

Ittle Lewis Hales, 303 Tyler Ave N., Corvallis OR 97330

Ivan J. Hales, 760 Gaspe, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

J. Hales, 2729 Humbret St., El Monte CA 91734

J.Carl Hales, 2213 S. Buchanan, Amarillo TX 79105

J. D. Hales, Old Birchwood Pike, Harrison TN 37341

J. D. Hales, 81 So. 300 East, N. Salt Lake City UT 84054

J. Donald Hales, 1505 Linda Vista, Pasadena CA 91109

J. E. Hales, Highway 82 E., Greenville MS 38701

J. E. Hales, 119 Nancy Rhodes Dr., Durham NC 27702

J. J. Hales, 14814 N. Blvd, Tampa FL 33601

J. M. Hales, 1055 Victoria Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

J. M. Hales, 1140 Sunnyview Ct., Pinole CA 94564

J. R. Hales, 3528 NW 39th, Oklahoma City OK 73101

J. S. Hales (Mrs.), 425 Stanford, Coalinga CA 93210

J. T. Hales, 611 Hoyle, Durham NC 27702

J. T. Hales, Sr., 133 18th Ave. NW, Birmingham AL 25202

J. V. Hales, 2881 Parrott Ave. NW, Atlanta GA 30301

Jack Hales, 2129 Fulton, Toledo OH 43601

Jack Hales, 3531 Laguna, Oakland CA 94604

Jack H. Hales, 7545 Bloomington Ave., Richfield MN 55423

Jack V. Hales, 1609 Wisdom, Chattanooga TN 37041

James Hales, 165 Rose Park Dr., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

James Hales, 123 W. Hively Ave., Goshen IN 46526

James Hales, 8410 Fountain, Los Angeles CA 90069

James Hales, 1697 Middleton Ave., Los Altos CA 94022

James A. Hales, 8035 Bison Ave., Norfolk VA 23501

James Fountain Hales, 4240 Ridgecrest Dr., El Paso TX 79902

James Howard Hales, 5044 33rd St. W., Everett WA 98202

James 0. Hales, 203 Adams, Durham NC 27702

James Lockwood Hales, 29 Virginia Blvd., Scotia NY 12302

James M. Hales, 2485 Charleston Dr., Jackson MS 39205

James R. Hales, 10200 Montana, South Gate CA 90280

James W. Hales (Mrs.), 2582 Ardsley Dr., Durham NC 27702

Janet Hales (Mrs), 535 E. 1st South, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Jasper, M. Hales, 592 S. High, Denver CO 80201

Jeremiah Hales, 727 E. Henry, Savannah GA 31402

Jerry Bowen Hales, 8343 S. 745 East, Sandy UT 84070

Jerry W. Hales, 245 Meadowview, Jackson MS 39205

Jesman A. Hales (Capt.), 6067B Maple St., Fairchild AFB WA 99011

Jesse Warters Hales, 1429 Isted Road, Glen Burnie MD 21061

Jim Hales, 549 Timber Lane, Burlingston, Ontario, Canada

Jim B. Hales, 2105 Carpenter Freeway W., Irving, Texas 75060

Jimmie Hales, 910 24th Ave., Meridian MS 39301

Jimmie Hales, 8371 W. 3100 South, Magna UT 84044

Joan Hales Fryer, 208 N. 600 East, Orem UT 84057

Joan Hales Hansen, 1846 South Main, Salt Lake City UT 84111

JoAnn Hales Ellsworth, 273 East 1st South, Payson UT 84651

Joe Rayburn Hales, 1742 Corning Ave., Memphis TN 38101

Joel B. Hales, 300 N. Highland, Sioux Falls SD 57101

John Hales, 8102 Kenilworth, Cleveland OH 44101

John Hales, 17355 Flint, Melvindale MI 48122

John Hales, 770 NY Ave. Apt. 6E, Brooklyn NY 11203

John Hales, 35 MacKay Place, Brooklyn NY 11209

John Hales, 172 N. Hickory, Massapequa NY 11758

John Hales, 2890 Hidden Valley Ln., Montecito CA 93103

John Hales, III, 631 Broadmoor, Chesterfield MO 63017

John A. Hales, 15 Maryland Lane, Liverpool NY 13088

John A. Hales, 299 Porter Ave., Ogden UT 84402

John A. Hales, 1614 Ogden Ave., Ogden UT 84402

John Anthony "Tony" Hales, 409 N. Mission Dr., San Gabriel CA 91775

John B. Hales, 1641 E. Willetta, Phoenix AZ 85006

John B. Hales, 2610 Market, Jacksonville FL 32201

John D. Hales, 260 D, Springfield OR 97477

John B. Hales, 4018 Agua Vista, Oakland CA 94604

John C. Hales, 2911 14 Ave. S., Minneapolis MN 55440

John Charles Hales, 82 Howard St., N. Tarrytown NY 10591

John Clifford Hales, 325 Oakview Dr., Nashville TN 37202

John Daniel Hales, Country Club Courts, Fulton KY 42041

John E. Hales, 5536 S. Hoover Ave., Whittier CA 90607

John E. Hales (Seaman D102920), Naval Guided Missiles, Dam Neck, Virginia Beach, VA 23461

John Franklin Hales, 995 Aspen, Eugene OR 97401

John G. Hales, Sr., 3501 Wyndhurst, St. Louis MO 63134

John Henry Hales, PO Box 1098, Aurora UT 84620

John Henry Hales, 824 Belmont Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84110

John Hubert Hales, 3965 Auburn Rd. NE, Salem OR 97301

John L. Hales (M.D.), 3726 Beechglen Dr., La Crescenta CA 91214

John Leland Hales, 2775 Clay, Sacramento CA 95813

John M. Hales, 600 Scenic Highway, Pensacola FL 32503

John M. Hales, VF31 NAS, Oceana VA 23511

John P. Hales, 4430 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island NY 10314

John Rulon Hales, 2677 St. Marys Way, Salt Lake City UT 84108

John S. Hales, 633 Pearl, Denver CO 80201

John Spicer Hales, Clinton KY 42031

John T. Hales, 624 6th Place, Hermosa Beach CA 90254

Jon D. Hales, 310 S. 200 East, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Joseph Hales, 841 E. 224th, Bronx NY 10034

Joseph A. Hales, 8146 E. Pine, Scottsdale AZ 85252

Joseph Daniel Hales, 8074 Poinsettia Dr., Buena Park CA 90620

Joseph G. Hales, 1707 Roland Ave., Baltimore MD 21203

Joseph Sloan Hales, 1209 N. Temperance, Fresno CA 93727

Judy Hales, 2729 Humbert #19, El Monte CA 91733

Julian H. Hales, 1817 Golden Gate, Dos Palos CA 93620

K. Hales, 1155 DesMarchais, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

K. J. Hales, 743 E. 15th, N. Vancouver BC Canada

Karen Kay Hales Richardson, 826 Tulane Dr., Mountain View CA 94040

Karma Hales Barnes (Mrs.), 463 Beresford Ave., Redwood City CA 94061

Kathryn Hales Rush, 1705 SE Crescent Dr., Bartlesvil1e OK 74003

Kay Hales, Redmond UT 84652

Keith Arthur Hales, 1041 Wagoner Dr., Livermore CA 94550

Keith I. Hales, 994 S. 725 East, Sandy UT 84070

Keith L. Hales, 3799 S. 20th East, Salt Lake City UT 84117

Kenneth Hales, Redmond UT 84652

Kenneth A. Hales, 3277 Starlite Circle, West Jordan UT 84034

Kenneth A. Hales, 5838 Flambeau Rd., Palos Verdes CA 90274

Kenneth Clifford Hales, 212 E. Indiana Ave., Maumee OH 43537

Kenneth E. Hales, 230 W. 400 South, Springville UT 84663

Kenneth G. Hales, 2503 N. 575 East, N. Ogden UT 84404

Kenneth Glyn Hales, 4113 La Mirada Drive, Bakersfield CA 93302

Kenneth L. Hales, 532 Deerpath Ln., Glen El1yn IL 60137

Kenneth L. Hales, 7815 Victory Rd., Boise ID 83707

Kenneth M. Hales, 2503 N. 575 East, N. Ogden UT 84404

Kenneth Merrill Hales, Rt. 1, North Branch MN 55056

Kenneth W. Hales, 426 - 11E, Seattle WA 98102

Kurt Hales, 1815 C. View Dr., Durham NC 27702

Kurt L. Hales, 3648 Bannock St., Hunter UT 84120

L. Hales, 1562 Lake St., Ogden UT 84402

L. Allen Hales, 2631 W. 44th St., Minneapolis MN 55440

L. B. Hales, 328 N. Ocean Blvd., Pompano Beach FL 33062

L. C. Hales (Maj.), 4350 Ct. DesNeiges, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

L. F. Hales, 605 Ridge Ave., Evanston IL 60202

L. J. Hales, 6351 Beurling, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

L. J. Hales, 1546 Kingston, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

L. J. Hales, 3080 S. 8950 West, Magna UT 84044

L. L. Hales, 689 Hazel St., PO Box1434, Hope BC Canada

L. L. Hales, 3081 Churchill, Macon GA 31208

L. M. Hales, Lakeshore Dr., Clearlake Park CA 95424

L. R. Hales, Round Bay, Severna Park MD 21146

L. P.Hales, 2311 W. Northern Ave., Phoenix AZ 85017

L. W. Hales (Dr.), Rt. 5, 486 Beachwood Rd., Athens OH 45701

Lais Imogen Hales Wilkinson, 10917 Woodhaven Dr., Fairfax VA 22030

Lamar Hales, 831 Riverside Dr., Salt Lake City UT 84111

Larry Dean Hales, 2425 Don Pedro Rd., Ceres CA 95307

Larry J. Hales, 4063 Cristobal Way, Pleasanton CA 94566

Larry J. Hales, 1737 Binford St., Ogden UT 84402

Larry S. Hales, 12636 Monieth Pl., Compton CA 90220

Laura Hales Free, 491 A Estelli Dr., M.C.A.S. Beaufort SC 29902

LaVon P. Hales (Mrs.), 56 Lemon Pl., Salt Lake City UT 84110

Lavonne Hales, 7550 Council Place, St. Louis MO 63116

Lawrence E. Hales, 1446 Cameo Dr., Redlands CA 92373

Lawrence E. Hales, 4434 Louisiana St., San Diego CA 92116

Leah Eliza Hales Harrison, 66 N. 400 East, Springville UT 84663

Lee Hales, 1301 W. Campus Rd., Lawrence KS 66044

Lee Hales, 147 E. 6th North, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Lee C. Hales, 1562 Lake St., Ogden UT 84402

Lee Wayne Hales, 1918 Meade, Denver CO 80204

Leland Hales, 250 E. 7th Dr., Mesa AZ 85201

Lenora Hales, 51 Gilbert Ave., Bloomfield CT 06002

Leo Hales, 243 S. 100 East, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Leo P. Hales, 239 E. 100 South, Provo UT 84601

Leona Hales Conrad (Mrs.), 143 SW 156 St., Seattle WA 98166

Leona Hales Taylor, 375 No. Elm, Twin Falls ID

Leonard Hales, 98 Aileen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Leonard Leslie Hales, 689 Hazel St., PO Box 1434, Hope BC Canada

Lewis Hales, 5306 Andrews, Amarillo TX 79105

Lillian Hales, 3895 Carancho, Lemon Grove CA 92045

Lizzie Hales (Mrs.), Rt. 1, Middlesex NC 27557

Lloyd Asher Hales, 215 So. 1000 East, Provo UT 84601

Lloyd M. Hales, 601 Hill Road, Houston TX 77037

Lloyd Randall "Pete" Hales, 3460 Hadley Way, Santa Maria CA 93454

Lloyd William Hales, 1641 McPherson Cir., Elsinore CA 92330

Lockwood Jex Hales, 1966 Dearmont Rd., Glendale CA 91207

Lonnie Hales, 3244 B. Pinehurst Pl., Charlotte NC 28201

Lorin R. Hales, Sugar City ID 83448

Lorna Hales Beegan, 6512 Elbow Dr. S.W., Calgary 9, Alberta, Canada

Lorna Hales Swindell, Cherry Hotel, Wilson NC 27893

Louis Hales, Box 40, College Station Trailer Court, Greenville NC 27834

Louis F. Hales, 303 So. Main St., Stantonsburg NC 27883

Luch Hales (Mrs.), 1343 E. Washington, Springfield IL 62705

Lucy C. Hales, 1725 Fowler, Hattiesburg MS 39401

Ludlow Paul Hales (Dr.), 2311 W. Northern Ave., Phoenix AZ 85021

Luella Sophia Hales Schuller, 2191 Ebenezer Rd., Cincinnati OH 45238

Luther Hales, 3085 Churchill, Macon GA 31208

Lynn Hales, 1429 Michigan Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84108

Lynn Bruce Hales, 726 Loves Park Dr., Loves Park IL 61111

M. Hales, 27 Egert Terrace, N. Tonawanda City NY1412.0

M. E. Hales, 261 12th NE, Atlanta GA 30301

M. G. Hales, 1905 Arthur Road, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

M. L. Hales, 351 E. Washington Blvd., Pasadena CA 91109

M. O. Hales (Mrs.), 1210 Rockbridge Ave., Norfolk VA 23501

M. V. Hales, 76 N. Hampton Rd., Columbus OH 43213

M. W. Hales, 4810 Retana Dr., Madison WI 53701

M. W. Hales, 4321 SE 55th, Oklahoma City OK 73135

Mable J. Hales (Mrs.), 1023 College Ave., Redlands CA 92373

Mack Hales, 5750 Beachcrest Ct., Jackson MS 39205

Mack Hales, 308 Continental Dr., Durham NC 27705

Madeline Hales, 444 So. 200 West, Provo UT 84601

Maevis Roe Hales, 227 N. Cedar, Canton SD 57013

Madge Hales Johnson, 282 West Center, Springville, UT 84663

Maloy H. Hales, 813 25th, Ogden, UT 84402

Mamie Ruth Hales Preslar, Brighton TN 38011

Mareath Hales, 710 2nd W., Seattle WA 98111

Margaret Hales, 2540 Gramercy Ave., Ogden UT 84402

Margaret A. Hales (Mrs.), 14 Mechanic, Glen Cove NY 11542

Margaret L. Hales (Mrs.), 3831 S. Park Ave., Tacoma WA 98401

Marguerite Hales (Mrs.), 311 E. 100 North, Springville, UT 84663

Marie Hales Johnson, 30569 Monta Vista Way, Thousand Palms CA 92276

Marilyn Hales Smith, 19830 Viewridge Dr., Saratoga CA 95070

Marilyn Glenn Hales, 6939 Beechfield Dr., Palos Verdi CA 92074

Marilyn S. Hales (Mrs.), 3465 Ralston Ave., Hillsborough CA 94010

Mario Hales, 23717 Sacticoy, Woodland Hills CA 91364

Marion Hales Butcher, 421 N. Euclid #7, Pasadena CA 91106

Marjorie Hales, 112 Jackman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Marjorie Daw Hales Anderson, 1116 Cleveland, Glendale CA 91202

Marlene Ruth Hales Meshinski, 348 Ferne Ave., Palo Alto CA 94302

Martha Hales (Mrs.), 1905 Boston Ave., Richmond VA 23224

Martha E. Hales (Mrs.), 823 E. Hutchinsen Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15218

Marty Hales Ellis, 3691 Thomas, Memphis TN 38101

Marvin Hales, Rt. #3, Selma NC

Marvin Hales, 2131 SE 4lst, Panorama City, Lacey WA 98501

Marwood J. Hales, Redmond UT 84652

Mary Hales Tiffany, 4145 Jackson St., Riverside CA 92503

Mary Hales (Mrs.), 657 Lindn, Elk Grove Village IL 60007

Mary A. Hales, 3625 Orchard Ave., S. Ogden UT 84402

Mary A. Hales (Mrs.), 1596 Yale, Victoria BC Canada

Mary E. Hales, 722 Arlington Ave., Berkeley CA 94707

Mary Juanita Hales, 2615 Dalton, St. Louis MO 63139

Mary Lee Hales Hatch, 1232 So 49th West, Orem UT 84057

Mary Marchant Hales Ward, 1575 Mansfield, Birmingham MI 48012

Mary Mildred Hales Frandsen, 113 East 300 South, Springville UT 84663

Mathias William Hales, 12560 Haster Sp. #5, Garden Grove CA 92640

Maurine Hales, 230 S. 3rd East, Salt Lake City UT 84110

Max D. Hales, 590 E. 100 North, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Max Price Hales, 365 Holbrook Dr., Idaho Falls ID 83401

Meiling Hales, 345 E. 400 South, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Melba Hales Munson, 112 No. 2nd East, Brigham UT 84302

Melvin Hales, 147 7th St. NE, Portage La Prarie, Manitoba, Canada

Melvin Hales, 690 E. 200 North, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Melvin Hales, PO Box 2142, Bakersfield CA 93303

Melvin Donald Hales, 1305 N. Hacienda Blvd., LaPuente CA 91744

Melvin R. Hales, Box 161, Hurricane UT 84737

Merrill Hales, 615 S. 200 East, Springville UT 84663

Michael D. Hales, 153 N. Sycamore, San Gabriel CA 91775

Michael Dean Hales, 1089 Lexington, Huntingdon TN 38344

Mildred Hales Stengle, 2514 Lawndale, Detroit MI 48232

Miller Hales, 12214 Coulson Dr., Houston TX 77001

Milton A. Hales, 43 Churchill Ave., Chatham, Ontario, Canada

Minnie Jane Hales (Mrs.), 4617 Garfield, Gary IN 46408

Mitchell Hales, 7009 Tippecanoe Ave., San Bernardino CA 92402

Monica Francis Hales Henry, 5279 Appleton St., Riverside CA 92504

Mont Hales, 664 8th, Ogden UT 84402

Monte Frank Hales, 1453 Colony Dr., Salt Lake City UT 84117

Murray Hales, 3 Granard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Myron L. Hales, 175 N. 100 West, American Fork UT 84003

Myrta Hales, 766 26th St. Apt. 5, Ogden UT 84402

Myrtle Hales, 3346 N. Lyndale Ave., Minneapolis MN 55440

Myrtle Hales Raymond, Lambeth, Ontario, Canada

N. E. Hales, 9445 153rd St., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

N. J. Hales, 60 The West Mall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Nadine S. Hales, 3318 W. 4630 South, Granger UT 84119

Nancy Jo Hales Tunstall, 2316 20th St. NW, Washington DC 20009

Nat Edward Hales, Jr., 6368 El Paso, San Jose CA

Nathan Hales, 310 W. 4th North, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Nathan Bradford Hales, 400 N. 3rd West, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Nathan Edward Hales, 190 Santa Margarita, Menlo Park CA 94025

Neal Hales, 10 Cader Ct., Petaluma CA 94952

Ned Hales, 569 E. Center, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Nelda Hales Staley, 2750 Oro Garden Ranch Rd., Oroville CA 95965

Nelda H. Hales, 1590 E. 200 South, Pleasant Grove UT 84062

Nida Hales Donaldson, 1324 Roosevelt Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84105

Nikki Mae Hales Drake, 1889 Texas St., Salt Lake City UT 84108

Noel J. Hales, 1875 Sorrel, Camarillo CA 93010

Noel L. Hales, 510 E. Visalia St., Hanford CA 93230

Nora K. Hales, 5381 Heath Ave., Kearns UT 84118

Norma Hales, 80 So. 4th East, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Norman Hales, 4605 114 Ave., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

O. R. Hales, Ipswich SD 57451

Odetta Hales Bramwell, 130 South 10th East, Salt Lake City UT 84102

Oren E. Hales, 5595 Retorno, Carpinteria CA 93013

Orval Hales, 510 E. Visalia St., Hanford CA 93230

Oscar Hales, 1110 Commerce St., Cheaspeake VA 23324

P. Hales, 454 Quebec, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

P. Boyd Hales, 2201 Theda, Palatine IL 60067

P. I. Hales (Mrs.), 88 McNabb, Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Canada

Parley Pete Hales, 152 S. 100 East, Delta UT 84624

Patricia Hales Anderson, 3741 Beechglen Dr., La Crescenta CA 91214

Patricia Hales Griffith, 1726 Santa Monica Rd., Carpinteria CA 93013

Patricia Hales Haynes, 1757 Leimert Place, Oakland CA 94602

Patricia Hales Laidlaw, 411 Wingate Road, Baltimore MD 21210

Patricia L. Hales, 225 St. Anns Ave., Douglas AK 99824

Patrick W. Hales, 153 N. Sycamore, San Gabriel CA 91777

Paul Hales, 10 Sigmont, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Paul Hales, 167 W. 600 North, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Paul Franklin Hales, 2221 Soledad Rancho Rd., San Diego CA 92109

Paul W. Hales, 4155 Brisbane Way, Newport Beach CA 92660

Paul W. Hales, 299 Porter Ave., Ogden UT 84402

Pearl Hales Ellsworth, 132 T. St., Salt Lake City UT 84110

Peggy Hales, 4402 Anjier Ave., Durham NC 27703

Percy Gilford Hales, PO Box 113, Interlachen FL 32048

Phyllis Hales, 29 Main, Tarrytown NY 10591

Pryce N. Hales, 150 N. 600 East, Centerville UT 84014

Quillan A. Hales, 150 Marble Rd., Marietta GA 30060

R Hales, SW 10-14-8, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

R. A. Hales, 7762 Kerrywood, Vancouver BC Canada

R. A. Hales, 1703 Hampshire, Victoria BC Canada

R. A. Hales, 286 View Manor, Las Vegas NV 89114

R. E. Hales, 1921 S. Tyler, Little Rock AR 77203

R. H. Hales, 4907 Carriton, Houston TX 77001

R. J. Hales, 25 Eccleston Dr., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

R. L. Hales, 1642 Davis, Chico CA 95926

R. L. Hales, 3263 Star Lake Dr., Birmingham AL 35202

R. L. Hales, 657 7th St., Somers Point NJ 08244

R. L. Hales, 100 E. Boston, Seattle WA 98111

R. M. Hales (Mrs.), 2612 Pinetree Dr., Jackson MS 39204

R. N. Hales, 1217 Vista Lane, Birmingham AL 35216

R. N. Hales, 1900 Kirkwood, Durham NC 27702

R. Thane Hales, 3719 N. 900 West, Ogden UT 84404

R. W. Hales, 15-34 Spence, Regina, Sas., Canada

Raleigh Stanton Hales, 1421 Niagra Ave., Claremont CA 91711

Raleigh Stanton Hales, 1106 Arden Rd., Pasadena CA 91106

Ralph Hales, 22616 Denkr, Torrance CA 90510

Ralph A. Hales, 8545 Broadway, Indianapolis IN 46206

Ralph E. Hales, 2100 2nd Ave. N., Great Falls MT 59401

Ralston L. Hales, 7510 Valley Ave., Philadelphia PA 19101

Ray Archie Hales, 1306 N. Jordan Ave., Provo UT 84601

Ray L. Hales, 1934 NW Grant, Corvallis OR 97330

Raymond Hales, 9733 E. River, Cleveland OH 44101

Rebecca Hales, Redmond UT 84652

Reed Thomas Hales, 358 N. 1220 West, Provo UT 84601

Rex Chamberlain Hales, 649 E. Barbara Ave., West Covina CA 91790

Rex Rayburn Hales, 4152 Leweir St., Memphis TN 38127

Rhoda G. Hales (Mrs.), 82 E. 300 South, Springville UT 84663

Rhoda G. Hales, 1317 Club View Dr. 9, Los Angeles CA 90053

Richard Hales, 6241 Guava, Goleta CA 93017

Richard H. Hales, 826 W. Main, Grass Valley CA 95945

Richard M. Hales, 5266 S. 4280 West, Kearns UT 84118

Richard T. Hales, 585 Cottonwood, Vacaville CA 95688

Richard W. Hales, 771 E. 620 North, Provo UT 84601

Richard Walker Hales, 1025 Greenwood Dr., Bakersfield CA 93306

Robert Hales, 4291 Campo, Salt Lake City UT 84117

Robert Hales, 6939 Oglesby, Chicago IL 60649

Robert Hales, Box 332, Oxford KS 67119

Robert Hales, 473 N. 200 East, Provo UT 84601

Robert Hales, 1460 36th St., Ogden UT 84402

Robert A. Hales, 1745 Monument Blvd., Concord CA 94520

Robert A. Hales, 2856 Eccles, Ogden UT 84403

Robert Clifton Hales, Jr., 645 Ashborne Dr., Sunnyvale CA 94087

Robert E. Hales, 81 S. Kalaheo Ave., Honolulu HI 96810

Robert Edward Hales, 13688 Sarahis Dr., Saratoga CA 95070

Robert Eugene Hales, 5075 Hayes St., Gary IN 46408

Robert F. Hales, 4928 Pearce, Lakewood CA 90712

Robert H. Hales, 2143 N. 250 East, Provo UT 84601

Robert L. Hales, 26 W. 1600 South, Orem UT 84057

Robert Lionel Hales, 1119 Green Valley, Houston TX 77055

Robert M. Hales, Jr., 5121 Gardenia, Jackson MS 39205

Robert W. Hales, 2464 Komo Mai Dr., Honolulu HI 96810

Rod Hales, Rt. 3 Box H, Sherwood OR 97140

Roger Hales, 2819 Teresa Dr., Jackson MS 39205

Roger Hales, 43 Merimac, Buffalo NY 14240

Roger D. Hales, 5503 Rosemont Dr., Chattanooga TN 37041

Roman Hales, 117 Boone Trail, Severna Park MD 21146

Ron Hales, 10815 Colima Rd., Whittier CA 90604

Ronald Hales, Box 20235, Phoenix AZ 85036

Ronald Burns Hales, 1540 E. Maplegrove St., West Covina CA 91792

Ronald D. Hales, 2432 Taylor Ave., Ogden UT 84401

Ronald L. Hales, 296 W. 5250 South, Ogden UT 84402

Ronald William Hales, 11 Vista Rd., Ellensburg WA 98926

Roosevelt Hales, 1102 Bond, Belleview IL 62008

Rose Hales, 232 E. Cleveland Ave., Montebello CA 90640

Rose Hales, 64 Smith Pl., Columbus OH 43201

Roxie Ann Hales McGuire, 7985 Oleander, Fontana CA 92335

Roy Hales, 30130 San Diego Dr., Palm Springs CA 92262

Roy Adrian Hales, Jr., 215 Brookdale Dr., Milwaukee WI 53172

Roy E. Hales, 571 Muncy Rd., Island Heights NJ 08732

Roy Kropf Hales, 1253 N. Bedford Dr., Camarillo CA 93010

Ruby Hales, 159 N. 1st East, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Ruby Hales, 10526 Chadwick, Houston TX 77001

Ruby Lee Hales, 1642 Davis St., Chico CA 95926

Russell G. Hales, 1948 Princeton Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84108

Ruth Hales, 3898 8th, Des Moines IA 50301

Ruth Hales Hudson, 15144 LaBarca, LaMiranda CA 90638

Ruth I. Hales, 222 SW Harrison Apt. 4B, Portland OR 97201

S. Hales, 1301 W. Arbutus, Compton CA 90220

S. A. Hales, 3640 Delford Cir., Dallas TX 75221

S. E. Hales, 3835 SE Ankeny, Portland OR 97208

S. H. Hales, Rt., Delta UT 84624

S. J. Hales, 1355 Henri Bourassa East, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

S. J. Hales, 210 Portland Pl., Richmond VA 23201

S. L. Hales, 2 Richard Way, East Haven CT 06512

Sadie Hales (Mrs.), 2346 S. Detroit, Maumee OH 43537

Samuel Dale Hales, 5622 Tahoe Lane, Shawnee Mission KS 66205

Sarajane Hales Mullins, 10893 Oakton Way, Rancho Cordova CA 95670

Schuyler Dean Hales, 1601 Summit Dr., Pekin IL 61554

Sherman R. Hales, 1511 Foxworthy Ave., San Jose CA 95150

Shilo Hales Townsend, Route #1 Box 131A, Altoona IA 50009

Sophie B. Hales, 999 Van Buren, Annapolis MD 21404

Stanley Hales, 4562 Adlade, St Louis MO 63166

Stanley Hales, 29018 Barjode, Cleveland OH 44101

Stanley Hales, 357 So. Fort Lane, Layton UT 84041

Stanley E. Hales, 5603 Balsom, Vancouver BC Canada

Stanley Harold Hales, 2841 Rawson, Oakland CA 94619

Stephen Hales, 1460 36th St., Ogden UT 84402

Steven Hales, 414 N. 125 East, North Salt Lake UT 84054

T.O. Hales, 2891 Macaw NW, Atlanta GA 30301

T. R. Hales, 1245 Sharar Ave., Opa Locka FL 33054

Ted Hales, 1426 N. Fullerton Rd., LaHabra CA 94088

Terry D. Hales, 933 Payne, Idaho Falls ID 83401

Thelma C. Hales, 611 Palo Alto Dr., Redlands CA 92373

Thomas Hales, 578 Lakeshore Rd., Ft. Erie, Ontario, Canada

Thomas Hales, 3627 S. Madison, Tacoma WA 98409

Thomas A. Hales, Rt. 2 Box 69 F, Weslaco TX 78596

Thomas Gerald Hales, 88-24 216th St., Queensvillage NY 11427

Thomas Madison Hales, Rt. #3 Box 5A1, Powder Springs GA 30073

Thomas R. Hales, 1721 Lafayette Blvd., Norfolk VA 23501

Thomas William Hales (Rev.), 285 Shuter Apt. 807, Toronto 227, Ontario, Canada

Thomas W. Hales, Jr., 5867 E. Ashland Dr., Nashville TN 37202

Thora Hales Mecham, LaPoint UT 84039

Thurman Hales, 905A Suburban Parkway, Portsmouth VA 23702

Tom Hales, 19914 Bush Road, Huntington Beach CA 92646

Tom Hales, 2099 S. Johnstone, Bartlesville OK 74003

Tommie Hales, 857 N. Mohawk, Chicago IL 60680

Utahna Hales Wedge, 4831 Cabrillo Way, Sacramento CA 95820

V. Hales, 3516 61st, Des Moines IA 50301

V. L. Hales, 149 Ethel Moore Ave., Jackson MS 39205

Velda D. Hales, 4221 Menlo, Los Angeles CA 90052

Vera Hales Quilter, 65 West Crystal, Salt Lake City UT 84115

Verda Hales Shepard, 4609 Parker Ave., Sacramento CA 95820

Vergie Hales Butterworth, 2535 MacMillan St., Napa CA 94558

Verna Hales, 115 Castlewood, Dayton OH 45401

Verne A. Hales, 8114 St. NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Vernice Mae Hales Berg, 3061 Chester Ave. NE, Salem OR 97308

Vernon Hales, Route 1, Holt MO 64048

Victoria Hales Dane, 403 Baltimore St., Waterloo IA 50701

Vilas Robert Hales, Lorane Rt. Box 182, Cottage Grove OR 97424

Violet Hales, 2148 Jefferson Ave., Ogden UT 84402

Virgil Covington Hales, 5984 N. Libby Rd., Paradise CA 95969

Virginia Hales, Rock Mart Rd., Dallas GA 30132

Virginia Mary Hales Moser, 2099 Earlwood Ct., Cincinnati OH 45238

Virginia Rose Hales (Mrs.), 1976 Lehman Ave., Toledo OH 43611

Vivian Hales, 169 E. 100 South, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Vontess Hales Jensen, Redmond UT 84652

W. Hales (Mrs.), 228 4th Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

W. A. Hales, 149-45 Northern Blvd., Flushing NY 11352

W. A. Hales, 6384 Chatham, W. Vancouver BC Canada

W. C. Hales, 10631 143 St., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

W. E. Hales, NW 16-13-18, Robert City, Manitoba, Canada

W. E. Hales, NE 22-12-18, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

W. E. Hales, 4625 Chambers Rd., Macon GA 31208

W. G. Hales, 5501 Rosemont, Chattanooga TN 37401

W. J. Hales, 29 Church Western, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

W. L. Hales, 892 Wayland Ct. SE, Smyrna GA 30080

W. L. Hales, 105 Birchwood Knoll, Trenton NJ 08601

W. P. Hales, 10303 Rolands Lane SE, Washington DC 20022

W. S. Hales, 2010 Burnett Way, Sacramento CA 95813

W. Scott Hales, 705 N. Meridan, Oklahoma City OK 73101

W. W. Hales, 802 E. Pine, Springfield IL 62705

Wallace M. Hales, 45 E. 200 South, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Wally Hales, 3516 61st, Des Moines IA 50301

Walter Hales, 1403 4th St., Pittsburgh PA 15230

Walter Hales, 3-8 West Shore Trailer Court, 4802 S. West Shore Blvd., Tampa FL


Walter Hales, Jr., Hales Bldg., 107 N. Robinson, Oklahoma City OK 73101

Walter A. Hales, 1902 N. 26 Pl., Phoenix AZ 85001

Walter A. Hales, 187 Heritage Rd., Tonawanda Township NY14150

Walter H. Hales, 2240 Oakdale Rd. Hil1sborough Ca. 94010

Walter V. Hales, 909 Apping, Placentia CA 92670

Warner Hales, 10516 Annetta, South Gate CA 90280

Warren Francis Hales, 231 Chase St., Gary IN 46404

Warren H. Hales, Melville UT 84326

Wayne A. Hales, 155 Taylor Blvd., Pleasant Hill CA 94523

Wayne B. Hales, 1935 N. Oak Lawn, Provo UT 84601

Wayne R. Hales, 2118 Terra Linda Dr. Salt Lake City UT 84117

Waymond Earl Hales, 108 Baarriere Rd., Belle Chase LA 70037

Webster M. Hales, 634 E. 96th, Cleveland OH 44101

Wesley Hales, 1365 Washington, Des Plaines IL 60017

Wesley Hales, 3011 Polk Ave., Ogden UT 84402

Weston Vernon Hales, 221 Longwood Ave., Chatham NJ 07928

Wilbert C. Hales, 1305 Rossini, Windsor 15, Ontario, Canada

Wildon Albert Hales, 4160 Adams Ave., Ogden UT 84403

Wilford Lockwood Hales, Jr., 1340 S. 4th East, Salt Lake City UT 84115

William Hales, 605 W. 116th, Chicago IL 60628

William Hales, 280 S. 360 West, Tooele UT 84074

William Hales, 111 Black Friar, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

William Hales, 8822 Stroelitz, New Orleans LA 70150

William Hales McKitty (Mrs.), 100 Cooper St., New York NY 10034

William D. Hales, 3324 Browndale Rd., Chattanooga TN 37401

William D. Hales, 23 Rensselaer, Pittsford NY 14534

William E. Hales, 765 Emerson Way, Sparks NV 89431

William E. Hales, 6102 Moss Oaks Dr., Houston TX 77001

William Emmett Hales, 133 Goodson Ave., Chattanooga TN 37401

William J. Hales, 2100 Fairhaven Dr., St. Louis MO 63136

William J. Hales (Mrs.), 1140 E. Rio Grande, El Paso TX 79951

William K. Hales, 80 S. 400 East, Spanish Fork UT 84660

William L. Hales, 12027 Hemick, El Monte CA 91734

William L. Hales, 5812 Winthrop Dr., Raleigh NC 27609

William L. Hales, ll30 Fernhill, Detroit MI 48203

William M. Hales, 815 Sumac Lane, Winnetka IL 60093

William M. Hales, 921 Sunnybrook Dr., Glen Burnie MD 21061

William M. Hales, III, 3047 Dothan Lane, Dallas TX 75229

William Mansfield Hales, 629 Kirkwood Pl., LaJolla CA 92037

William Mansfield Hales, Jr., 1001 N. Natchez A. 13, Chattanooga TN 37405

William P. Hales, 251 W. 100 South, Kaysville UT 84037

William R. Hales, 41 S. Wakefield Dr., Little Rock AR 72203

William R. Hales, 1825 N. Forest Rd., Williamsville Village NY 14221

William S. Hales (Mrs.), 851 Oakhill Ave. SW, Atlanta GA 30301

William Thomas Hales, 1364 Salina St., Dearborn MI 48120

Willie A. Hales, P.O. Box 28, Elizabeth City NC 27909

Willie Ruth Hales, 1155 Avondle Ave. SE, Atlanta GA 30301

Willis B. Hales, P.O. Box 56, Redmond UT 84652

Wilson A. Hales, 375 So. Ft. Lawn, Layton UT 84041

Yaro Hales, 587 Calle Ajo, Palm Springs CA 92262

Zora V. Hales, RFD 1 Box 179, Springville UT

Other Subscribers

Phyl Anderson, New Glarus WI 53574

Mrs. Worth Atkinson, H. 14 Windmill Blvd., N. Ft. Meyers FL 33902

Henryetta E. Blackburn, 1941 Lariet Lane, Del City OK 73115

Mrs. Rolald Boutin, 6164 Meadow Dr. Rd. 4, Clay NY 13041

Ralph O. Bradley, 1225 2nd Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84l03

Mrs. Tommy Cardin, 1807 Fox St., Dossier City LA 71010

John Celick, 44 Rivas Ave., San Francisco CA 94132

Mrs. Clement J. Falvey, 183 NW 66th Court, Ft. Lauderdale FL 33309

The Genealogical Society, 107 S. Main St., Salt Lake City UT 84111

Mrs. Addie Lee DuBose Holland, Rt. 1 Box 22, Dibol TX 75941

Clydeen Mary Layns, 438 W. 235th St., Wilmington CA 90744

Lucille Leckliter, 1845 N. 40th St., Kansas City KS 66102

Mrs. John E. Lewis, 4133 Sequoia Rd., Memphis TN 38101

D. B. Mellor, 1164 3rd Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84103

May Johnson Miller, 246 Brookside Dr., Springville UT 34663

Charles Pettersson, 1132 Simondi Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84116

Mrs. Charles Ridge, 902 N. Taylor, Wynnewood, OK 73098

Mrs. R. S. Smyle, 4462 Marsielles St., San Diego CA 92107

Betsy B. Sorbonne, 2466 Michigan Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84103

Frank L. Sorensen, Rt. 2 Box 31, Spanish Fork UT 84660

Paul A. Thorne, 762 W. 700 South, Orem UT 84057

Woodward-Woodard Genealogical Society, 1354 Murphy's Lane, Salt Lake City UT